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Green symbolizes the environment, life and healthy living. Consumption includes all steps from production, transport, usage and recycling. Green Consumption indicates a way of living and consuming in an environmental friendly way.

 Green Consumption is often referred to together with the five R’s as in “Reduce, Reevaluate, Reuse, Recycle and Rescue”.

Green Consumption is with this in mind also related to choosing green products that are transported with minimum carbon dioxide emission, unpolluted and with people’s and Earth’s well being as a priority.

More and more people are finally becoming aware of how carbon dioxide emission contributes to the global warming. Companies now also give the opportunity to their customers to pay for the carbon dioxide emissions that are related to the products they buy.When customers take responsibility for their consumption by paying for the environmental waste the money is often donated to environmental causes. This could for instance be donations to research and sponsoring of ecological friendly farming.

Airline companies are often seen among the companies that provide this possibility. The reason for this is because they spread a very high amount of carbon dioxide waste. However, also other kind of companies like for instance electronic stores give this possibility, where one of them is

So remember; Pay for your carbon dioxide emissions you too! 

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You are very welcome to join in by commenting each post with your own tips and experiences. We want to keep the earth healthy and therefore we also fight against the global warming and everything that contributes to that.

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