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Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day soon arrives in the UK, many people are looking to get flowers delivered or buying bunches of flowers. Yes, flowers are a nice gesture. But within a week they will be gone. Many of the flowers that are sold come from Ecuador and other South American countries where child labour is common, illegal chemicals and pesticides are used, and the mass growth wreacks havoc with the environment.

In fact, many workers who are exposed to the low level chemicals for long periods of time have seen effects such as liver and kidney malfuntion, and birth defects. The chemicals used can also reach the water consumed by cattle and thus get further into the food chain.

If you really want to buy flowers then do so by all means, but think about a few things

- carbon miles (again!) flowers from other countries have to be flown over, whereas flowers grown locally will save on this

- buy organic, ask your florist for flowers which have not been chemically treated

- dedicate a tree to someone instead!

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