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Bottled Water

In recent years people have taken to drinking bottled water. Now whilst tap water in many countries is drinkable, many go on to buy bottled water. Not only does this lead to huge amounts of plastic ending up in landfill, (two thirds of plastic bottles end up as landfill) but in many cases uses up valuable carbon miles. One plastic bottle will take 450 years to break down.

 If you need to buy bottled water, then make sure that you buy bottled water that is locally sourced. One litre of Volvic water uses 185 grams of carbon to reach the UK, Evian uses 172 grams of carbon, whilst water from the River Thames in London uses just 0.3 grams. So imported water in the UK uses up 600 times more carbon!

Imagine the carbon footprint on drinking a bottle of Fiji bottled water every day. In fact, there are some celebrities today who drink no other water, and demand it be flown in wherever they are.

Taste tests have shown that most people can’t tell the difference anyway. If you insist on continuing with bottled water then look for brands which have not had to travel far to reach you, and biodegradable bottles. And don’t forget to recycle.

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