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I’m not into going to the gym, and being a vegetarian I get lots of jokes about the fact that I do yoga everyday too. But you don’t have to be a hippie to appreciate what yoga can do for you, your life, your body, but since this blog is about the environment….. what it can do for the environment!

Yoga is simple to do, all you need is a yoga mat. There are no machines, no electricity being used, you can do it outside or inside, the list goes on. Hopefully lots of you have already thought about starting yoga, or already practice it. So here is how to make it even greener!

- use energy-saving lightbulbs or natural light

- use an environmentally friendly yoga mat (don’t use a plastic PVC mat which has been treated with lots of chemicals)

- wear organic cotton clothes to practice in

- don’t buy bottled water which wastes plastics, and often uses up huge amounts of carbon miles actually reaching you (think Evian, Fiji, etc)


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