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Excess Packaging

I am one of those people who think small packages are cute. Mini bottles of products, baby vegetables, they are so adorable! But these days I purchase the biggest bottle of anything that I possibly can. The excess packaging found in supermarkets today is astonishing! So now we are hopefully taking our own bags to the supermarket, and not bothering putting our fruit and veg into mini plastic bags. But what else can we do?

Most products come in large and small sizes, and if it is something that won’t go out of date in a hurry you are better off buying the larger size. I don’t mean buying 10 chocolate bars individually wrapped in their own plastic, and then packaged together in more plastic! I mean things like cleaning products, shampoos, deodorants, etc. Buying this way will not only save you money but cut back on packaging costs as this one bottle/box/jar will replace one, two, or even three bottles that you would be buying in the future anyway.

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