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Green Valentine’s Day

So if anyone says that they are “against” Valentine’s Day, you usually assume that a) they are single, and bitter, or b) they are anti-American, anti-consumerists. I am neither of these things, but I am not particularly fond of the day myself. It is a nice thought, to remind a loved one that you care for them and do something special, but it would be nice on any day of the year to get this treatment! Especially considering the embarassment that Valentine’s Day causes to me! All those couples wearing red in fancy restaurants…. yuck! It’s not for me, but if you love it, then well done! Here are my tips to have a Green Valentines:

- Make you own cards! Recycled paper can be really beautiful, use this and fold to make a card. Stick a picture from a newspaper or magazine or label on the card for an immediate personal touch, and avoid the chopping down of thousands more trees. Score extra points for originality!

- Buy organic wine, loads of options and minus the chemicals

- Cook a vegetarian meal, and see how much better you feel afterwards, without the bloat, (also handy for what may follow the meal)

- Give a gift which gives for more than a day. Chocolates are commonplace and will be gone the day after. Flowers will die and the floral industry is already harming the environment. How about the simple pleasure of a foot massage to your partner? Buy a goat for a village, sponsor an animal, or make a donation in someone’s name.

- Walk instead of driving. It is lovely to take a walk with your partner, and works well on Valentines Day twofold. First, if you are going out to dinner and are walking to get there, the food will automatically taste better since you will likely be more hungry when you get there. Second, walking home burns off the dessert, and renews you with energy for other activities when you do get home. Plus, don’t forget the carbon footprint!

┬áHave a green Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Interesting point - but I am not sure that really explains the situation. With gas over $4 a gallon that changes everything.

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