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Recycled Toilet Paper

Hopefully you haven’t seen the episode of Curb your Enthusiasm, where Larry David refuses to use recycled toilet paper! I’m sure it’s just one of those kinds of psychological things, a bit like coke and pepsi, most people can’t actually tell the difference. Because there is actually nothing wrong with recycled toilet paper at all!

Did you know one of the reasons why there aren’t loads of recycled toilet paper brands on the shelves? Lack of demand means that no-one is bothering to produce it, which leads to the cost going up. But it’s a small price to pay, and if we all did this it would make a huge difference. Take the US for example. If every household in the US replaced one roll of 500 sheet non-recycled toilet paper for 100% recycled rolls then this would save 423,900 trees.

 Not only are we now all too aware of the harmful effects of deforestation, and global warming as a result of this, but non-recycled toilet paper is usually bleached and the chemicals used in the bleaching process end up in the air and water, and are highly toxic to animals and fish.

In fact, there does not exist a single lead selling manufacturer of toilet paper who has a recycled version, all opting for the “softness” of their paper to sell. They say that consumers demand does not exist so there is no need to stop cutting down virgin trees for their soft toilet paper as this is what we all want. I don’t. I’m sure many of us don’t. Next time you go to the supermarket, try buying the recycled brand. It might cost a little more, but what cost is this compared to the good we can all do? I can bet your bottom dollar it will be worth it.

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