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2007 was the warmest year on record, second to 2005. 8 of the hottest years ever recorded were in the last decade. Theories abound as to whether this is due to human activity or not. Al Gore’s docu-film “An Inconvenient Truth” centres around this. And although Gore has been slandered by some critics for his work, accused of falsehoods and hyping up something which is not proven, how can anyone criticize someone for caring about the environment and trying to get his message across?

So if earth is indeed getting warmer, and leading to the dire consequences we have recently seen - hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, melting of the ice caps, and so on - how difficult would it be for us to try to combat this?

Global warming is a result of increased greenhouse gases, formed by the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels include oil, coal, and gasoline. Burning these fuels increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, leading to global warming.

Steps we can all take are simply to reduce our demand for fossil fuels. Thinking that there is no point because what difference does it make if one person does this when there are hundreds of thousands of industries who don’t care only produces a knock-on affect of apathy. We as the consumer have a very loud voice. So why not start by doing something ourselves.

 Now I’m not telling you all to sell your cars and ride a bike (though that would be good). There are so many easy steps we can all take to do our bit to help lessen the carbon footprint we are leaving for future generations.

We have all heard this before but recyling is a huge benefit. By recycling half of your household waste in a year, you are saving 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide. It really is easy. Put your newspapers in a pile, and put them in the recyling bin. Sort your cans, and glass, and plastics.

Another very simple step is to turn down your heating just two degrees in winter, and up two degrees in summer. An extra rug and you wouldn’t even notice the difference! This saves around 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Make your carbon footprint a tiptoe.  

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