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Carbon Footprints

We all know that we should reduce flying to lessen our carbon footprint. But sometimes, you may just have to fly. I live in Europe and I am from Australia, so in order to get home once a year, I need to take a flight.

What I like to do is to calculate my carbon footprint and then use other ways to make up for this. Whilst it is not the same as not flying at all, at least I can do it with a conscience. Firstly, I try to take the shortest route possible with the least amount of stopovers. Carbon emissions are huge in takeoff and landing, so doing this helps. I also try to pack as little as possible, and certainly not add to the weight of the plane with unnecessary items.

I turn off all appliances before I leave, and leave nothing on standby. There is a certain amount of carbon that each person can theoretically use in a year without any affect on climate change. The trip alone from London to Sydney uses up 2 and a half times this ration. Obviously there is much to be made up for!

I always take trains or busses to and from the airport. On the plane itself I refuse anything with packaging (which is almost everything). I also try to fly during the daytime, and summer, when the conditions exacerbate the carbon emissions.

Of course, nothing would help more than not flying at all. So this year we are meeting halfway there, in Thailand. This means that my parents use this as their holiday, I use up my time for my holiday, and we only have to travel half as far.

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  1. Yuki

    Good point here. You can calculate your carbon footprint here

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