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Plastic Bags

This might be a boring topic, because it has been talked about at length. We all know how plastic bags harm the environment, so why are a trillion used each year? And where do we think they all end up?

Starting in the fruit and vegetable section, who really needs to put a bunch of bananas into a plastic bag, which will only go into another plastic bag later? Will it be any harder for the checkout operator to weigh them in a plastic bag? There is no reason whatsoever for this. Never have I encountered a checkout operator who had a problem with weighing my loose fruit and veg.

If vegetarians care about not hurting animals, then it should be just as important not to use plastic bags at all - since they can end up in the stomachs of sea turtles, calves,¬†suffocate birds, whales, and dolphins. If we wouldn’t eat a bird, then why would we allow for a bird to die painfully through ingesting a plastic bag, only to decompose and the plastic still be around?

A plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to breakdown. How difficult is it to take your own organic cotton bags to the supermarkets? Again, you might not think that your simple action will make a difference. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

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  1. Jamie Simon

    Hello Carly ! I love your blog ! Reading posts like these really helps me to think again before going off grocessary shopping to bring my bag from home instead of using plastic bags!

  2. Well this is depressing. Stop writing like that, your posts are spoiling your reader’s mood. Boring.

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