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Free Range Chickens

I don’t eat chicken, and if I can’t convince you not to eat chicken at all, then maybe I can at least convince you to eat free range chickens. Free range organic is even better. Chickens which are not free range live in cramped conditions and never see the light of day. If you refused to buy chickens unless they were free range, then this would force the producers to change the living conditions of chickens. As consumers, you have the power to do so.

Over 95% of chickens in Britain spend their short (39 days) lives inside a barn with thousands of other chickens, never to see sunlight at all. 17 chickens occupy one square metre. And there are over 800 million chickens who go through this every year in Britain alone.

Artificial lighting shines 23 hours a day, forcing the chickens to stay awake, eating more, and fattening up for a shorter lifespan, whereupon they are electrocuted and their throats are slit. It may cost you a little more, but what is the cost of a life? Even that of a chicken must be worth something, vegetarian or not.

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  1. Søren

    have ever thoght of this before but after reading this i will never eat other kind of chickens then freerange anymore

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