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Reasons to be Vegetarian

I am a vegetarian, and find the worst thing about it is constantly having to explain myself to defensive people. It usually goes something like this:

 them - “I could never be a vegetarian, I love steak”

me - “that’s good for you, this is a decision I made”

them - “well I’M going to eat meat”

me - “ok, go ahead”

And the person launches into a rant about vegetarians, and hippies, and how on earth can an oyster have feelings, etc, etc. All I have done at this stage is to order a vegetarian lasagne! If people are genuinely interested and willing to listen, then I am (more than) happy to extol my beliefs on them. But I am generally not up for a fight with someone who is vehemently trying to defend something which I have not even criticized!

 So, since you have read this far, why would anyone be a vegetarian?

Here are just a few reasons, all of which are important to me -

Animal have rights, and eating them is not in their best interests. People can laugh at this, but not so long ago, people didn’t think women had rights, or people of certain races for that matter.

 The environment is destroyed through the raising of animals for food - rainforests disappear, pesticides pollute, lakes and oceans become toxic. In fact, the carbon dioxide produced from one pound of burger is the same as that which would be produced driving a car for three weeks.

Vegetarians are healthier. We have a lower rate of breast cancer, obesity, heart disease, lung cancer, diabetes and many more health issues which are so prominent today.

Vegetarians care. The grains used today to produce beef would be enough to feed all the starving people in the world today. It’s not that there isn’t enough food to go around, it’s that the resources are devoted to the livestock production for those in the developed world, leaving millions of others starving, and malnourished.

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