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These days there is no excuse to say that you couldn’t live without burgers, sausagses, chicken, bacon or fish. The selection of vegetarian options available in supermarkets within the UK will show you just how delicious these meat replacements can be.

Take Christmas lunch, for example. Quorns family roast is not only low fat, but also contains fibre and protein. With gravy and roasted vegetables my carnivorous guests declared it to be the best Christmas meal they have ever had.

But why do we become vegetarian in the first place? Is it because we don’t like to eat animals that have been reared only to be killed to feed us? It is because they are pumped full or hormones and and live in torturous conditions to fatten them up as quickly as possible for a faster route to our plates? Or is it because we care about the environment and the havoc that is wreaked by clearing the land for livestock.

All these reasons plus many more are factors in choosing the life of a vegetarian.  Next time you go to the supermarket, stop by the vegetarian fridge. Whether you choose to try the huge selection of vegetarian burgers, sausages, or even the smokey bacon, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

A very merry Christmas to all green followers. Remember, keep all your wrapping paper on Christmas day, don’t waste any food, and if you are cold, snuggle up with a rug, and turn that heater off!

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